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Only very experienced players know what this “secret” block is

One player, a Minecraft fan, was extremely lucky because he found such a rare block in the Mojang game that even ardent fans of the project could not understand what it was.

Why gamers love Minecraft is that the huge open procedurally generated world of the Mojang project is always full of surprises that can surprise even after several years in the game.

This happened to Reddit user xXBoss_185Xx, who witnessed a rather unique phenomenon.

A puzzled gamer shared an interesting screenshot from the game on the portal, in which you can see a very strange game block.

The comments to the publication were filled with equally confused gamers who at first could not understand what their colleague had stumbled upon.

However, soon more experienced Minecrafters came to the rescue and willingly revealed this mystery.

As it turned out, this is an ordinary block of earth with grass on top, which, due to a glitch in the game, “thinks there is snow on top of it.” According to experts, this happens if the Enderman lifts a snow-covered block and then places it on the surface.

Finding such an interesting thing is extremely lucky, and some players even claim that the chance of stumbling upon such an anomaly is approximately 0.0001%.

Due to the uniqueness of the find, one gamer even joked that now xXBoss_185Xx is obliged to demolish the entire mountain around this piece of land and build some kind of shrine for it.

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