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Minecraft update 1.20 introduced several new mobs, including the Camel. The Camel is the newest friendly mob that can be ridden by two players at a time and can dash, making it a very useful and cute creature.

How to tame a camel in Minecraft

Camels cannot be tamed in Minecraft, however camels will follow the player holding the cactus within 10 blocks of them. You can also attach a leash to the camels or saddle them to have them follow or steer them. The camel saddle allows two players to ride it, with the one in front having full control of the camel. The friendly creature can walk or run, and also has the Dash ability, which has a 2.75 second cooldown. The Charge ability will cause the camel to move forward, moving 12 blocks forward and one block up.

How to breed a camel in Minecraft

To breed a Camel in Minecraft, you must first find two Camels and connect them in a pen or on a leash. Once the camels are close to each other, feed each one a cactus. The camels will go into love mode, which can be seen by the hearts floating above their heads. The camels will then create a baby camel. Camels can breed every five minutes, so if you have a lot of cacti, you can quickly create a lot of baby camels. Children can be speeded up by feeding them cactus.

Camels will spawn in the desert biome, in the center of each desert village during world creation. Camels do not respawn if they are killed, so make sure that if you find a camel, it remains unharmed. Camels can heal over time or regain two hearts when fed cactus.

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