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Learn more about the mechanics of cartography and its capabilities.

There are many ways to create, find, and use maps in Minecraft, and certain maps can only be obtained from Villagers. Maps help you navigate the world, mark objects and explore the territory. In addition, the mechanics are actively developing and varieties of this item are being added. In this article you will learn how to create a regular and large wall map in Minecraft, what materials are needed for crafting, how to make a duplicate and where to find a research treasure map.

Creating a map

To craft a standard small map at a workbench, you will need the following items:

  • Paper (8 pieces). It can be obtained by processing sugar cane at a workbench, found in chests in fortress libraries, on sunken ships, in the cartographer’s house, or purchased from resident merchants.
  • Compass (1 piece). Can be created from four iron ingots and one red torture, found in chests in fortress libraries, or bought from a villager for four emeralds.
  • The map scale can be changed. To do this, you will again need 8 units of paper and an existing map – now the markings will change and the coverage of the territory will become larger. You can repeat this action four times after creating a regular card.

You can also craft a map and modify it on the cartographic table:

  • To create one card you will need one paper.
  • To increase the mastaba of a standard map, you will need one card and one paper.
  • If you add a compass to a map, the result is a map with a locator.

Making a copy of the map

If you want to provide your friends with an exact copy of the map or place a duplicate in the archive, you can create a duplicate. Place a blank map and the one you want to copy on the workbench. As a result, you will receive an exact copy. If you need to create several duplicates at once, then simply add more blank blank ones to your card at the workbench.

Large map on the wall

To create a large wall map, you will first need a regular small one. It must first be activated so that the terrain markings are reflected on the paper. Now you need to create a frame and place it on the wall. To do this you will need the following items:

  • Leather (1 piece). Drops from killed animals. When crafting a frame, it should be placed in the center.
  • Sticks ((8 pieces). Created from boards. When crafting a frame, sticks must be placed in all cells except the central one.
    Now by creating frames and maps you can place them on the wall, making a large map of the area.

Treasure map

In the game, such a map is also called a research map. It can be used to find rare treasures, so it is not surprising that this item is in incredibly high demand on Minecraft servers. It is impossible to create a treasure map in Minecraft, but there are other ways to get it.

There is a 42.6% chance that the exploration map will naturally generate in underwater ruins. Most often it is found in chests on sunken ships.

In the village, you can purchase a map of sunken treasures from a resident cartographer (his level must be higher than apprentice).

The asking price is 13 emeralds and a compass. In addition, a villager can transfer a forest explorer’s map for 14 emeralds and a compass, but in this case he must reach the level of an artisan.

Keep in mind that the cartographer is exploring the area, so he may go further from the house than any other resident.

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