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At first, after the official release of the cube game from Mojang, gamers were massively looking for various crafting recipes. At first, attention was paid to the mandatory starting tools and things, including a workbench, a pickaxe or, for example, armor, but with various innovations the originality of player requests has also increased. For example, guides for creating vehicles, gourmet food, or advanced devices in the popular pixel survival game are not at all uncommon today. Read the article about how to craft a phone in Minecraft, how to create it without mods and with mods, and why you need it at all.

How to make a phone in Minecraft without mods

It’s no secret that in Minecraft a player can create many unimaginable objects without the help of third-party programs, for example, an airplane from pistons, and it will work. However, advanced devices and various types of devices cannot be crafted in the usual way, and even more so, a phone cannot be made using the same workbench.

Of course, without additional modifications you can still get the treasured mobile phone for every taste, but, unfortunately, it will not be able to perform 99% of the functions inherent in such a device. For example, from various blocks you can recreate a telephone body and dialing buttons. Next, for example, from glass or other transparent blocks, as an option, it is worth trying to make the screen of a future device. There’s not much to roam around here, so using the mechanisms will be the final step and equip your device with a signal or ringtone for a call. This tactic will work on most versions of the game.

How to craft a phone with mods

Unfortunately, it is worth warning players right away that you will not be able to issue a specific phone using the command, since it simply does not exist without additional modifications. Yes, that’s right, only mods will help in such a situation, but often they only work in Single Player mode. For example, Eyemod – A phone mod works great, adding a smartphone to Minecraft that resembles an iPhone in all its external and internal appearance. The new device that you will get with this modification supports various applications, can play music, record videos and take photographs, helps the player see resources, use teleport, look around the map and even spawn mobs.

In order for the phone to work stably on your server, you need to assemble it from certain components, connect it to the router for further installation of applications, and charge the mobile phone using a charger (Redstone will help you with all this). If you decide to download Eyemod, then after downloading it, do not forget to follow this algorithm of actions:

  • Install Forge or Fabric;
  • Download the mod itself and copy it to the .minecraft/mods folder;
  • Launch the desired version of the game from Fabric or Forge;
  • Play and enjoy using your phone.

Why do you need a phone in Minecraft?

We talked about how to make a phone in Minecraft, but why is it even needed in your favorite cubic world? In general, the main feature of the sandbox from Mojang was and is that players can create unique objects and buildings, and the main feature of the game has long been not only the process itself, but also the end result. Yes, sometimes extracting resources and further manufacturing the necessary things is exciting, but it is no less interesting to explore and entertain yourself with a ready-made thing, for example, a telephone.

Today we live in the modern world, and smartphones are our companion, allowing us to work, communicate with friends and colleagues, or kill time. Referring to these factors, why not use your phone in Minecraft as well? It doesn’t matter whether you build a device using blocks, relying on your own imagination, or use additional modifications that equip you with your favorite device with a wide range of functions. One way or another, I feel like this is quite a great way to make the game much more exciting, while keeping up with the times!

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