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In earlier versions of Minecraft, the process of creating a village was much simpler. It all came down to the construction of basic structures from familiar materials such as wood, stone, artificial blocks and glass.

In order for a house to be considered move-in ready, it required a door and walls on the inside and outside. The first was considered the wall that was more covered with blocks. In other words, it was enough to build ordinary houses with a closed loop. You can even put several doors next to each other, lining them up one after another to create several houses at once. This technique could be used in case of a lack of resources, but from the outside it would not look very nice.

How to build a village in Minecraft from version 1.14

With the advent of version 1.14 of Minecraft, players have access to new blocks, mechanics and tools that significantly expand the possibilities of creating villages. The methods of building your own settlement have also changed.

In more modern versions of Minecraft, a home is considered a room with completely closed walls, a door, a bed and a workplace, which determines the profession of the resident. In addition, the installation of a bell became an important attribute of the village.

There are a couple more proposals for building a village, which are not mandatory, but can also be taken into account:

  • Choose a suitable location. Make sure that the chosen location has enough space for the development of the village, and also has access to necessary resources such as forests, water and ore mining;
  • Use different blocks, plants, fountains, lighting and other decorative elements to give your village a personal style and atmosphere;
  • Protect your village from mobs by building walls, moats, or using other defense methods such as lanterns and iron golems;
  • Make sure your village has the necessary jobs for your villagers, such as workbenches, smelters, enchanting tables, and trade stands.

There are players who, using the rules of the game, build one large house for the entire village. In this case, residents live nearby, and defending such a structure is much easier, and it looks interesting.

Methods for settling the first inhabitants in a Minecraft village

Adding the first inhabitants to your village in Minecraft is an important step in creating a vibrant and picturesque community. Here are a few ways you can do this.

Natural settlement

In Minecraft, villagers can spawn naturally in your village under certain conditions. This usually requires having a sufficient number of suitable homes and workplaces. Residents can appear in the village as it develops and increases in number.

Inviting residents from other villages

If there are other villages in your world, you can invite their inhabitants to your village. This can be done, for example, using vehicles (railway and trolley). The area must be more than 40 blocks away from the existing village, otherwise the villagers will simply return to the old village. This step must be performed twice because creating a village requires at least two villagers and it is not possible to attract multiple villagers at the same time.

Zombie Villager

Another option is to cure the zombie villager. They are rare, but if there is one near you, then you can easily pull off this method. To cure a zombie villager, you need to throw an exploding potion of weakness at him, which can be created using a potion stable, and feed him a golden apple.

When a zombie villager is successfully treated, a characteristic hissing sound occurs, particles appear around it, and it begins to tremble. This process takes from 2 to 5 minutes, during which the zombie villager behaves like a regular zombie. There is a way to speed up the healing process by about 4% by surrounding a zombie villager with iron bars and/or beds within a 4 block radius in any direction.

After that, you can take him to your village. It will be more profitable to bargain as a thank you. Don’t forget that successfully curing a zombie villager requires some luck, and in some cases it may take several tries.

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