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Villagers are some of the most valuable mobs in the world of Minecraft. In their houses you will find shelter, food and valuable items. You can also trade with them. Therefore, it makes sense not only to be content with those villagers that automatically spawn in your village, but also to multiply them. In this guide we tell you how to do this.

Of course, you can always make your life easier with the help of mods, but in this guide we will look at the natural way of “breeding,” so to speak.

What are the residents like?

It should be borne in mind that the appearance and role of a particular mob varies depending on its habitat. In addition to ordinary villagers and merchants, there are also such extravagant people as witches and zombies – the latter can even be cured.

There are also youngsters who are of no use – they, as befits children, will only run around the screen. However, the maturation process only takes 20 minutes.

Benefits of breeding villagers

The main meaning: trading in order to get hold of valuable items. For example, librarians can sell you enchanted books to upgrade your weapons.

And if you have enough farmers, you can create several automated food farms. But this is only part of the possibilities.

Requirements and procedure for breeding residents

  • At least two people and a suitable location.
  • Enough food.

First you need to lure two residents into a closed place. There are several ways, and the simplest one is to put a boat in front of them and wait for them to climb into it. After this, you can row to the desired location.

You can also build a dedicated path or even “push” the villagers into the desired area. Next, you need to place the mobs close to each other in a confined space. This will require a house or other structure.

Now we install three beds and give the residents the food they need. The more food, the greater the likelihood of offspring appearing sooner.

An important point: residents want to reproduce when they have 3 loaves of bread in their inventory and 12 pieces of potatoes or beets in one slot. If there is an overabundance of food, they will throw it to other mobs.

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