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Few games offer as much freedom of action as Minecraft. More than a decade after its inception, Mojang’s iconic sandbox still offers plenty of options, whether you’re building huge fantasy structures, creating your own games, or just exploring a random seed.

But one gamer decided to reach those very limits, and set out on a journey through blocky hills and square valleys, trying to find the Far Lands – places located so far from the spawn point that Minecraft’s procedural generation begins to fail.

10 years later, his lonely journey gathered a considerable number of followers, who in total donated over 450 thousand dollars to the gamer. This is despite the fact that he still has a long way to go.

Kurt Mac, nicknamed KurtJMac, says:

I just wanted to do something different. To be honest, at that moment I did not try to understand how far these boundaries are. It came spontaneously: “Well, I really can do this, let’s try to get to the edge of the map. Sounds interesting.” I didn’t realize how much distance I had to cover, how much time and effort I would have to spend.

The distant lands are not a specific place. It is a glitch that overloads the world, distorting the terrain and causing massive cracks to appear. This is only relevant for older versions of the game (on Mac – beta 1.7.3) and occurs at 12,550,821 blocks from any starting position. As of this writing, Kurt has walked approximately 4,860,000 blocks. This is about 39%.

Kurt uploaded the first episode of his journey to YouTube on March 7, 2011. Just when let’s plays began to dominate the platform with the emergence of channels like Smosh and The YogsCast. The combination of the increasingly popular format and game, a unique idea, brought Kurt’s channel a large audience.

Charity remains one of the main parts of this project, with money raised going to Child’s Play, Equal Justice Foundation and the CDC Foundation to help COVID victims. Viewers can choose for themselves where their contribution will go. Despite the long duration, the formula remained the same, including an average video length of 40 minutes. That was the idea.

Despite the fact that Minecraft fans are attracted by the idea of ​​such a long journey, many subscribers appear on the channel because of Kurt. Episodes have a podcast version containing only the audio track. Unlike many other let-players, Kurt does not play for the camera, but perceives everything as a long walk with friends, while filling the time with personal thoughts and reasoning.

Viewers connect and disconnect, stumble upon the videos again and again. A decade is a long time. It’s nice that not much has changed in that time except for the size of Kurt’s save file.

The project and its community are a typical example of how Minecraft has become an independent trend in gaming culture. When someone says they like a game, it can mean anything. Do they like to build? Or do they like to survive and get food? Or one of the many YouTube channels dedicated to Minecraft? There are countless options, and if what you’re looking for doesn’t exist, you can make it yourself.

Between 2014 and 2015, the show received attention from The New Yorker, which was followed by a Guinness World Records certification for the longest journey in Minecraft. Kurt appeared at conferences, mainly PAX, but never attracted attention to himself. Calm meetings with fans, organized by the spectators themselves, is the pace that gamers prefer.

Since the end of summer 2011, Kurt has been working on YouTube full-time. I streamed on Twitch for a while. Far Lands or Bust is split into seasons and is currently on hiatus until May. In the meantime, Kurt plays other games that interest him, including PUBG and Kerbal Space Program.

Kurt is not the only player who has set his sights on the long journey. Many others have already completed their pilgrimage. For Kurt, the expedition to the Far Lands is a constant reminder to everyone that not everything requires decisiveness or urgency.

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