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Probably many of you have heard about such a popular “sandbox” as Roblox in which you can create your own modes (which can even be independent games within the game) or play those that have already been created by the community. One of these is a mode called Phantom Forces, which I will talk about in this review.

Graphic arts

The mode has fairly simple and not particularly eye-catching graphics. In many other modes of Roblox you can see approximately the same picture quality. Specifically in this case, in my opinion, it is important that it does not distract or interfere with the gameplay.


The basis of any shooter is, of course, shooting, so I’ll start with that. The recoil of weapons in Phantom Forces is more difficult to control than in arcade shooters like Call of Duty, Battlefield (the most suitable part for comparison is Battlefield 4 due to a similar setting) or for example Warface, so in my opinion it cannot be called arcade, although up to It falls short of realistic shooters like Escape From Tarkov, Squad, Arma, etc. If you get used to it, it’s not particularly difficult to dampen the recoil on most of the “barrels” presented in the game. Since I touched on the topic of shooting, I will next talk about the weapons that the developers offer us to shoot with.

A fairly extensive arsenal of firearms is available in the game, which is interesting even under real names, unlike the latest parts of COD. If you decide to play Phantom Forces, you will be able to shoot with PPSh, modern modifications of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, Scar, also available in several modifications, or Fal 50.63 para and other weapons. The differences between the weapons are noticeable, although some “barrels” may “behave” similarly. I have already started to say that some types of weapons are available in different modifications, but in addition to this, the game has the possibility of additional customization of the “barrels”.

You can change sights, grips, butts, install laser sights and flashlights, change the type of cartridges; in general, the weapon customization system in Phantom Forces is something between EFT and Call of Duty. There are also various grenades. Next, I’ll move on to talk about the dynamics of the game. The characters move quite quickly and the pace of the game is not slow either, you won’t have to look for opponents for a long time or spend half the game waiting for them at a specific point. The TTK is also quite small (about the same as in COD), which is offset by the possibility of quick revival. All this makes the game dynamic and, in my opinion, suitable for both hardcore players and “casuals”

Maps, modes

The maps in Phantom Forces are larger than in COD, but smaller than in BF. The cards do not have a unified structure and are quite different from each other.

Phantom Forces features the following modes: Tag run, Capture the flag, King of the hill, Team death match, Capture the point (there are 3 points and you need to hold them as long as possible), Flare domination, etc.

Balance of weapons and matchmaking

Due to the not particularly large online presence in the game, a level 100 player can play with a beginner. In addition, in the game, like in the old parts of BF and COD, after finishing the game, players choose the next map and mode. There is simply no weapon balance in the game, or it is too peculiar and I did not understand it. I personally simply chose the weapon that seemed most effective to me and played.

Progression and monetization system

You can play Phantom Forces absolutely free, but since this is in some way a service game, here, like in many other online games, there is a donation, but first I’ll tell you about the progression system. It is also very similar to the one in COD – as you level up, you unlock new weapons. They also give credits for which you can open both weapons and modules for them, as well as purchase Lootboxes from which skins and keys for them drop out (credits are also given for completing daily tasks).

A weapon is also, in some way, upgraded due to the number of kills made from it; the more kills you make from a particular weapon, the more modules are available to you for it. And so, when you have a general idea of ​​the progression system, you can move on to donation. For real money you can buy credits, and for them everything you might need. The system looks like pay to win (and in some ways it is) if you don’t take into account the broken weapon balance and more or less simple shooting.

Phantom Forces, in my opinion, is a good session, semi-arcade shooter, well suited for playing after a hard day, if you don’t expect something supernatural or “exploding” your brain from it

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