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A YouTube channel specializing in Minecraft animations created a recreation of the recent GTA 6 trailer using Minecraft and Unreal Engine 5 assets. The Boranium Art channel of Miami animator Ray Escobar and three of his colleagues proved to be almost equally impressive with a reshoot of the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer. ago, but the new work sets the bar even higher.

The video doesn’t just copy the trailer frame for frame. The most amazing thing is how they managed to convey the general atmosphere of Vice City from Rockstar: nights in neon glare, breathtaking panoramas against the backdrop of the sun and a dirty urban gloss. Minecraft fans will notice the use of character styles from Minecraft Story Mode, and some GTA elements have been replaced with references to Minecraft.

All assets were first created in Minecraft itself. Only what is shown in the video was built in the game – to save time. Once the buildings were completed, we exported them from the Minecraft world using the wonderful program Mineways. They were then imported into Unreal Engine 5, where I sometimes spent hours tweaking the lighting, trying to replicate the original as closely as possible. The characters were animated in Autodesk Maya, not in UE5.

This is just one of several projects inspired by the first GTA 6 trailer, along with a video that overlays footage of real-life views of Miami – which may seem like overkill, but Rockstar’s next game will likely be the biggest gaming release in history.

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