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It’s no secret that Minecraft’s enduring success is due in part to the dedication of its modding community. All this time, however, mods have largely been the preserve of the PC-only version of Minecraft Java. Starting today, the cross-platform version of Minecraft Bedrock has launched “addons” through its built-in store. Essentially, these are the same mods, both free and paid.

However, these addons should not be confused with addons for Bedrock. The term now seems to be reserved for addons that can be added to existing worlds and can be combined or removed at will, rather than being tied to a world created specifically for the mod, as Bedrock used to be.

Mojang’s announcement says:

Addons allow you to add new blocks, mobs, items, recipes and other content both to your existing worlds and to new ones.

They’re pretty similar to what Minecraft Java mods have been doing for years. They can also be used in Minecraft Realm multiplayer.

The catalog of addons at launch includes things like crafting furniture, pets, and computers—all popular Minecraft mod concepts in recent years. There’s also the Gravestone addon, a long-popular mod that keeps your entire inventory in a loot grave when you die, rather than throwing it away on the ground. To celebrate the launch, Mojang is giving away several addons for free: Spark Pets, Another Furniture Add-On, All The Wool, Hiker’s Friend, Gravestone and More TNT.

Other addons must be paid for in Minecoins, the premium currency on the Minecraft Marketplace. In case you missed it, the Minecraft Marketplace has long had a cottage industry of sorts where creators can sell (or give away) Bedrock versions of their popular texture packs, character skins, and minigames.

Third-party mods will continue to work without changes. The studio does not intend to ban their use.

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