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The popular game Minecraft has a new virus, BleedingPipe, which allows hackers to hack online game servers and infect players’ computers around the world.

According to Tom’s Hardware, BleedingPipe uses a vulnerability in Java to transmit malicious code to the server. After infecting the server, the virus spreads to the computers of individual users. Attackers are able to remotely carry out various operations on infected computers, including downloading the victim’s personal files or encrypting data and then demanding a ransom for decrypting it.

According to researchers involved in preventing the spread of malware in Minecraft, BleedingPipe can easily be downloaded onto users’ computers along with one of the game’s mods. At least 30 different Minecraft mods, including popular ones like AetherCraft and ttCore, have already been found infected with the virus.

An enthusiast under the pseudonym Dogboy21 has released a patch that is designed to eliminate the vulnerability. To apply this patch, players will need to download and move a new *.jar file to their mods folder. However, users should be sure to ensure that they are not using vulnerable versions of the game 1.7.10 or 1.12.2, which are particularly susceptible to BleedingPipe attacks.

Recently, another virus was discovered that was spread through the game. It infects the computers of players in the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2009). Because of this virus, Activision even had to temporarily suspend the game’s multiplayer mode on the Steam platform.

Another dangerous virus, Big Heat, disguises itself as a Windows update, and after penetrating the computer, it encrypts all files and extorts money from users.

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