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Players have just been offered a brand new weapon, and they are already testing out non-obvious ways to use the mace.

Recently, participants in testing snapshot 24w11a for Minecraft were offered a new weapon. As it turned out, under certain conditions, a formidable mace allows you to one-shot the Guardian (kill with one single blow).

The fact is that in Minecraft there is a remarkable mechanic associated with the maul: if the blow is struck while falling, the damage done increases. The players quickly developed a plan in their heads – they could climb higher and attack the target with an enhanced attack.

4CVIT, who clearly does not suffer from acrophobia (fear of heights), climbed to a height of 114 blocks and ran into the Guardian, considered one of the most powerful mobs in the game with 500 health points. The target was previously immobilized, and the experimenter locked it in an improvised cage.

After a series of experiments, 4CVIT realized that it is possible to kill the Guardian with a mace if you attack after falling from a height of 99 blocks, i.e. Still, it’s not necessary to climb to 114+.

Obviously, in the wild of Minecraft, the target can move, so repeating such a spectacular attack in practice can be quite problematic.

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