MCPE-Craft » Articles » A Minecraft player set armored wolves against the Warden and set how many needed to be summoned to kill him. Bloodthirsty experiment
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Minecraft may seem like a cute little game on the surface, but sometimes serious passions boil over in the community and cruel experiments are carried out on local creatures.

An experimenter under the nickname BrunoGoldbergFerro was playing Minecraft and decided to test something. He wondered how durable the Warden was.

BrunoGoldbergFerro built a makeshift rectangular arena in which the Guardian was located. The player began to field armored wolves as opponents—a tough fight began.

The Guardian is considered one of the strongest mobs in Minecraft. BrunoGoldbergFerro’s experiment showed that a pack of no less than 19 armored wolves would have to be summoned to defeat such a formidable enemy.

This is not a “pure victory”, since during the battle a significant part of the flock died at the hands of the Guardian.

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