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A fan of the popular sandbox game has created a huge labyrinth in it. According to him, it took three years to build.

Minecraft is a computer game that provides users with great freedom of action, limited only by the imagination of the players. The huge world consists of many blocks, with the help of which you can build various structures.

A large fan community has more than once shared its impressive-scale projects in the game. One of these fans is a user under the nickname Cadestine. He recently presented his great creation, which took three years to design and create. The huge, intricate labyrinth has a complex layout. Its dimensions are 1000X1000 blocks with nine possible exits from it.

The project took one million blocks to build, and according to the creator, it is the largest maze ever created in the game. A video demonstrating the project was posted on the author’s account on the social network Reddit.

The fan community responded positively to his work, impressed by the size of the location and the level of detail.

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