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Minecraft is not only about cute get-togethers and construction, but also a harsh world that is full of dangers. Some people take everything very personally

A Minecraft fan with the nickname Nekorianz had a rather unpleasant experience during his gaming session. As a teenager, he actively played the project, but at some point he abandoned it.

One day he decided to break into Minecraft again and the triumphant return to the world of the cubic sandbox for the 24-year-old gamer ultimately ended in a heart attack.

Nekorianz had previously been diagnosed with heart problems. He had no idea that these problems could be “revealed” by an ordinary video game. However, in the world of Minecraft there are many unexpected and frightening moments, such as meeting a spider, skeleton, zombie or creeper.

It so happened that Nekorianz managed to immediately encounter a group of hostile NPCs, which did not have a very positive effect on his heart:

“Ordinary mobs don’t scare me, most of them only cause mild panic. However, while mining in a cave, 3 zombies and a creeper suddenly appeared from the darkness, which caused me even more shock. I literally had… a heart attack. He quickly ran to his mother and managed to point to the heart before he lost consciousness. Mom checked her heartbeat – 148 beats per minute.

When I woke up, I told my mom about the reason, and she got so angry and told the doctors about it during the examination. Now I’m only allowed to play on peaceful difficulty. I’m sad, but I guess times change as you get older.”

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