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A long-awaited mod for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater has appeared on Nexus Mods, called the Crafted Edition.

The authors of the mod, together, completely redesigned the textures of the game in accordance with the style of Minecraft. And almost everything has undergone this processing: the environment, equipment and objects. The only thing that has been preserved is the faces of the characters. As the developers themselves stated, they had to rework more than 3,000 textures.

In addition to visual changes, the authors thought of reworking the voice acting, making it more authentic for Minecraft and more meme-worthy. In order not to involve voice actors in the dubbing, the authors of the mod took all the original lines from MGS and used a neural network.

It took a whole month to develop this mod. The reason for such speed was not only the simplicity of the idea (just a retexture mod), but also the presence of experience in developing mods for this game. In addition to this project, this author has 8 more mods, all of which are different types of retextures.

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