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A Minecraft sandbox fan has built a fully functional version of the iconic Tetris puzzle game, surprising the community with his engineering skills.

An inventive player has created a fully working Tetris in his Minecraft world using only redstone and various mechanisms.

The Mojang project offers players a wide variety of activities in huge procedurally generated worlds.

Despite this, most often game enthusiasts choose to create large-scale and spectacular projects, with which they then surprise their “colleagues” and ordinary gamers.

This is exactly the effect of a video from Reddit user mattbatwings2, in which he demonstrates an amazing version of the iconic Tetris created in Minecraft.

The design contains everything that puzzle fans are used to seeing: a high game board, or display, descending geometric shapes and even a working point counter.

According to mattbatwings2, of all the possible modifications, his build only uses a special texture pack to reflect the authentic look of Tetris.

However, all functionality, according to the author, was performed only using the tools available in the “pure” version of Minecraft: redstone, pistons, torches and repeaters.

For those wishing to repeat the project, mattbatwings2 promised to subsequently create detailed step-by-step instructions.

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