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Minecraft attracts the attention of many players. One was interested in trying to teach monkeys to play the famous sandbox Mojang

Blogger ChrisDaCow continues to experiment. Recently, he taught the chimpanzee Kanzi to play Minecraft and played a prank on an acquaintance – he had Kanzi play multiplayer with him, and he did not notice the trick until the very end.

ChrisDaCow is back with a “sequel”: now the goal is to kill the End Dragon boss, this will be done by a group – Kanzi and Teko, as well as ChrisDaCow himself. Kanzi approaches the matter thoroughly, bringing with him an improvised “gamer seat.”

Problems started from the very beginning, as Kanzi’s companion took a bad fall from a block. However, then the team gathered its strength and fought the boss, i.e. monkeys completed Minecraft. The final blow came from Kanzi.

It is noteworthy that ChrisDaCow’s wards have mastered special tricks, for example they can spill water under themselves to avoid damage from falling from a great height.

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