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There is such a tendency that parents for the most part prohibit their children from playing computer games for a long time. But today there are game projects that allow children to learn and develop themselves. And the Mojang project, in the context of its Minecraft product, pursues precisely this goal, in addition to entertainment, giving players objective knowledge. The company demonstrates that the learning process has reached a new level.

Following this principle, the creators of the project developed a special educational version of Minecraft, suitable even for implementation in schools. What is this game useful for children? Let’s try to figure it out.

Basic programming skills training

The gameplay in Minecraft is implemented through the operation of so-called printed circuit boards (Redstone Circuit). These objects allow, in the form of a game, to understand the principle of operation of electricity and the technology of building basic mechanisms. The child learns to automate many game tasks to make certain actions easier. In the Minecraft universe, you can, for example, set the lights to turn on automatically in your own home, make doors open when a character is in front of them, and create many different systems and traps.

In general, children learn to formulate complex calculations to obtain certain results and develop a creative approach. All these skills are required to become a programmer.

Help in understanding the real world

Although Minecraft is just a game, it uses the laws of real nature in many ways. This teaches children to navigate correctly in the real world and develops curiosity in them.

For example, Minecraft is good at inculcating the skill of taking into account the distance between objects. Players travel through the virtual world using special markers. In real life, this experience will not allow a child, for example, to get lost in the forest.

Calculating the distance between a home and a resource deposit will help determine the amount of material needed to build a bridge or tunnel to this deposit.

Planning training

Playing Minecraft involves drawing up an action plan. The player must know in advance what exactly he will build and in what order. The same principles apply in real life – to achieve our goals, we also have to plan our actions.

Here this is expressed, for example, in the need to create a complex plan before building a house. The child learns to carry out various calculations, draw a diagram of the building, calculate the area of ​​the allotted territory, etc.
To make it more difficult, you can, for example, limit the time your child spends in the game. In this case, he will have to plan in advance the extraction of minerals, the construction of houses, and hunting. All these skills will undoubtedly be useful in real life.

Learning coping skills

Solving current problems in the virtual world is what Minecraft is all about. The player is forced to constantly face various troubles. Moreover, these problems must be solved in the absence of any hints. In the play space, the child must cope with the lack of food, counteract the attacks of dangerous creatures, and quickly seek shelter.

But even if you managed to arrange a home, there is always a risk that this home will be destroyed by some monster. Therefore, the player should also think about building effective traps for aggressive creatures.

We have given only some of the possible problems that a young player will have to face. The child will be forced to solve a huge number of problems and develop new ideas.

Developing Math Skills

The game allows you to learn how to do all the calculations in your head. This point is very important for children who have problems with arithmetic. And in Minecraft this training is done in a fun way that the child will definitely like.

The entire universe of the game can be divided into blocks – earth, water and sand. For the construction of various objects, it is necessary to count the required materials (sand blocks for building a home, blocks of water for filling a pool, etc.).

The player will also have to deal with mathematical calculations in the process of creating Redstone printed circuit boards. For example, there was a need to force some mechanism to repeat certain operations with a specified delay. To do this, the game requires a special device that allows delayed launch of mechanisms with a delay of 0.4 seconds. How many of these gadgets will be needed to achieve the required delay time? The player will have to determine this parameter independently.

Of course, only a small fraction of the useful skills that Minecraft gives a child are listed here. The inner world of the game is much more complex and varied, and in addition to mathematics, it will require knowledge of chemistry and physics.

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